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FBA, Inc. is a leading structural engineering firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.  From our conveniently located offices in Hayward and Huntington Beach, California, we have served local and national clients for decades. 


Our comprehensive range of services including structural design, evaluation, and repair of concrete, steel, masonry and wood framed structures.  FBA has strong roots and expertise in the post-tensioned concrete field where it has been at the forefront of establishing design methods, construction solutions, and shaping related code requirements for decades.  Post-tensioned podium and parking structures designed by FBA can be found throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.  We have a proven track record of saving developer money through our work on design-build teams.

FBA was established in 1995 by Florian Barth, PE and Walid Naja, SE, with Amir Kazemi, PE joining the management team in 1997. FBA’s current team of principals now include Chris Bane, SE, Adam O’Dea, SE, and Jennifer Cassity, PE who bring a substantial depth of knowledge and decades of project experience to support the needs of our clients.   


Over the years, FBA has done substantial work designing post-tensioned podium structures in the multi-family housing sector with a typical yearly multi-family project workload of more than 5,000 units primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Office, data center, and industrial building structure design make up the balance of our new construction projects.   With its extensive multi-family project experience, FBA, Inc. has worked for and established effective relationships with California’s leading developers and their supporting consultants.

In addition to its new construction design services, FBA, Inc. has provided demolition planning and analysis for buildings and bridges since opening its doors.  FBA, Inc. has provided demolition engineering services for many complicated building structures such as hospitals with neighboring in-use facilities and bridge structures, including peer review work for the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and demolition of Mulholland overpass which shut down the 405 freeway in 2011 known as "Carmaggedon".    


FBA, Inc. is a company with a team-based mindset that prides itself in providing design services that save developer’s time and money while fully coordinating with the consultant team and detailing to simplify construction.  We look forward to delivering all of these benefits to your next project.

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