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New Construction

FBA’s new construction projects involve many sectors of the market including multi-family, mixed use, and residential housing, parking structures, hotels, data centers, commercial buildings, and industrial use facilities.  Our team of highly experienced engineers and Revit / Autocad / BIM professionals provide considerable value to our clients as we work to meet the unique needs of each project.


The substantial amount of multi-family housing projects completed by FBA, Inc. each year and the resulting strong relationships with developers, architects, and other supporting consultants further establish our expert status in this market sector.  Due to our long history of work and contributions in the field of post-tensioned concrete design, this is an area where we have defined current standards of practice and continue to be an industry leader. 


FBA continues to lead the way in the highly competitive design/build sector, achieved through technically competent, responsive service throughout the project cycle.  All projects are sensitive to budget restrictions and scheduling, requiring close cooperation with the contractor and design team to identify issues early on that result in gained efficiencies during construction. FBA’s economical designs are the backbone of countless multi-family structures throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.

FBA are THE specialists in

PT and RC structural design

Mixed-Use (Retail Apartments)

Serving the growing high-density residential and retail community forms the major share of FBA’s design activities. FBA, Inc. has engineered highly functional structures to suit a wide variety of structural conditions and site requirements. Due to our unparalleled experience in this market sector, our involvement renders tremendous benefits in cost and schedule efficiency to our clients.  Our projects range from high-rise structures in congested city locations to generously laid-out complexes in open landscapes.

Parking Structures

As specialists in the field of post-tensioned (PT) concrete and reinforced concrete (RC) design,  FBA excels in the structural design of quality, strong parking structures throughout Northern and Southern California.  FBA has engineered hundreds of multi-story parking garages, from long span beam to two-way slab parking garages, "wrap projects" with residential units surrounding the serving parking structure, and garages with roof amenity decks including pools. Through FBA's extensive experience and knowledge in parking design we add value through collaboration with other disciplines, finding efficient and economical solutions, and helping to facilitate functional parking layouts, coordinated with gravity and lateral structural systems.

Residential / Multi-Family

FBA’s effective use of cast-in-place concrete, particularly post-tensioned concrete, has consistently resulted in strong, superbly functional frames for residential and multi-family apartments and condominium buildings. FBA understands the coordination process and collaboration with design team professionals and other consultants to bring about quality, economical projects for our clients. 

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Data Centers / Commercial

FBA’s excels in the design of structural steel and other types of construction supported on a variety of foundation systems such as mat slabs, drilled piers, piles, and spread footings, depending on site specific conditions for data centers and commercial buildings throughout California.

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