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FBA, Inc. is responsible for developing the state of the art in controlled demolition. FBA, Inc. is the leading controlled bridge and building demolition engineering company in the United States. The Principals of FBA, Inc. have been a powerful force in the development of de-construction plans for high profile structures that have been compromised by seismic events.

We have prepared demolition plans, procedures, and calculations for numerous unique buildings and more than 95% of all of Caltrans engineered bridge removal in the last 25 years. The efforts of 
FBA, Inc. in developing a State of the Art controlled demolition plans for the damaged and unstable double Decker Embarcadero freeway in the aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake continues to be common practice.

Our principal’s depth of knowledge and experience with the challenges of controlled demolition have led to our successful completion of significant demolition projects including numerous mid-rise buildings, the Transbay Terminal in downtown San Francisco, many hospital facilities, and countless bridge structures including our peer review work on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

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