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Legacy Livermore is a mixed-use, residential development located in Livermore, CA. 


The project consists of two buildings: a wrap-style building configuration consisting of a four to five story parking structure with concrete post-tensioned slabs surrounded by five stories of residential wood framing, and a post-tensioned concrete podium supporting 2 stories of wood framing.


The parking structure area covers nearly 30,000 square feet with 389 stalls and a private rooftop pool/spa amenity deck, surrounded by 188 residential units.  The podium building footprint is approx. 20,650 square feet with 34 residential units and nearly 14,000 square feet of ground floor retail space.

The structural systems for the buildings are two-way concrete post-tensioned slabs with concrete shear walls supported on spread footing foundations and slab-on-grades.


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