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The Mulholland bridge overpass at the 

I-405 is a 3-span bridge, over 579 feet total in length with a center span on 235 feet across northbound and southbound freeway lanes, at a height of approximately 70 feet above. The demolition of the bridge took place in two phases with approximately one year in between, as the new bridge was constructed. 


The term 'carmageddon' was coined by local radio and TV channels as the planned shutdown of one of the busiest freeways in the United states for a 10 mile stretch between the 10 and 101 freeways anticipated massive traffic jams & chaos.  However, the extensive planning and announcements to the public resulted in a smooth process and Penhall completing the work ahead of schedule. 

FBA Inc. prepared engineering demolition plans and calculations, and was on-site for the 53 hour-long closure during demolition.



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