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Vespaio Apartments, located in San Jose, is a 164 apartment unit project with 37,500 square feet of ground floor retail along with parking, a 2nd floor elevated concrete post-tensioned slab supporting offices & parking, a 3rd floor concrete post-tensioned podium deck supporting five-story wood frame structures, as well as a courtyard including a pool and spa, and a partial 4th floor concrete post-tensioned podium slab supporting a four-story wood frame structure and roof top landscaped deck.  FBA designed the concrete portion of the project.  The at-grade parking includes some parking lifts and EV stalls.  Exterior concrete stairs access from the ground floor to the 3rd floor podium.

The podium footprints are close to 70,000 SF, supporting 164 residential units.

Structural system for the building are concrete post-tensioned slabs with concrete shear walls supported on concrete spread footings.


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